2To1 Photography

2To1 Photography

Hi there, I am Eric, and welcome to 2To1.

This was a "project" my wife Grace (G: hi everyone!) and I setup, primarily to satisfy my obsession of taking photos of Grace, and her obsession to perform in front of the camera (she was, after all, one of the early graduates of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts)

Along the way, many friends and clients saw our photos and think: "hey, I want to have photos like that!". We got more and more requests... and here we are at this point in our lives.

We think photos are moments in our life, passes by only once, to be treasured and reflected upon ever after.

So to us, every click, every moment captured by our cameras, is a documentary, your precious baby, delivered by us.

I hope you like them, and treasure them as much as we took them for you :) (G: and have fun doing it!)

= Team Members: ===============

Photographer: Eric and Grace

Make-Up and Art Direction: Hung Hung



Seattle WA USA